_One thing you will sorely miss when you are living in East Timor is the ritual of reading a newspaper. Why? Because, believe it or not, newspapers from home are hard to come by. Not sure why really, perhaps people are just too busy focusing on improving sanitation and the living conditions of the locals that they have forgotten how to capitalise on the massive expat community that will pay top dollar to read about crap from home. I mean, where are your priorities people?
_Wouldn’t it be great if someone started a newspaper importing business? We thought so too until we looked into it and the cost greatly outweighed our passion (and believe me, we are very passionate about newspapers). But you can and you should look into it, it’s a great opportunity if you’re cashed up. Email us if you want to hear how we thought about going about it.So you’re best bet is to scour through what’s printed in East Timor and if you don’t enjoy reading things in the local language, Tetum, than your reading options will be drastically reduced.

Here are 4 of your best options:

_1. Guide Post
Who can resist the Guide Post? Cleverly and rightly called a ‘magazine’ and not a newspaper, this monthly offering is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Hotel Timor while eating chocolate mud cake and sipping on an ice cold soda water. 

__My favourite part of this reading experience is the advertising and I never thought I’d hear myself say that. It’s through the advertising that you get to see the who’s who of East Timor business- if a new business pops up, you’ll probably read about it first in the Guide Post. It’s a great way too to discover any new long term accommodation.It’s got maps, a phone book at the front, crosswords, fishing photos and competitions. Great for first timers and still interesting enough for a flick through if you’ve been living in Timor for a while. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the passion that goes into producing this mag and you haven’t fully experienced expat life in East Timor until your mug is printed in the social pages at the back!

_Well it doesn’t get any fancier than this. Printed on high quality glossy paper, equipped with stunning photography and there are even some interesting articles to boot- what more could we ask for??? Um…. For it to continue? The last edition was in October 2010! What’s going on people?But you can still appreciate how great this new magazine WAS because they’ve put it up online. Get into it below

_3. The Dili Weekly
Okay, okay, you’re right, I haven’t even mentioned any ‘newspapers’ yet! I was distracted by all the gloss.You should certainly pick up a copy of The Dili Weekly which was first published back in 2008. It’s a bi-lingual newspaper that also has a pretty up-to-date website– worth checking out….

___But never fear, if what you’re really after is some news from home, here are 5 ways you might be able to find some:

  1. Search under tables in popular expat hangouts like ‘Hotel Esplanada’ or ‘RnR’s’ and you might be lucky enough to find an old coffee stained ‘Australian
  2. Hang out at the arrivals hall at the airport and offer a free taxi service to anyone who can give you the latest edition of ‘The Sydney Morning Herald
  3. Fly to Bali just to grab an international paper from the newsagents, YES they have newsagents in Bali, worth the trip just for that
  4. Spend hours waiting for the slow internet to load the latest news
  5. Go out with someone working at your country’s embassy and they might photocopy/lend/steal you some news

How do you get your news? What is your fav paper in East Timor? Do tell…..