A visit to East Timor is not complete without a trip to the famous Arte Moris (Living Art) centre. It houses East Timor’s first non-profit Art school and you can see the permanent collection of their student’s work there.
Arte Moris School

Photo of the Arte Moris School

1. Buy some original East Timorese artwork

Artwork from the Arte Moris artists is spread all around East Timor. You may have already noticed some of their work: it lines the walls in Hotel Timor, covers the concrete of old crumbling buildings, is printed in children’s books and even coats the inside of the current President, Ramos Horta’s, old Mini Moke! But trust me, that’s only scratching the surface. At the Arte Moris centre there are rooms full of artwork and even some mind-boggling outdoor sculptures for you to look at too. It’s like stepping into a whole other world. And if you like what you see, you can buy some artwork to take home with you.

Poster from Arte Moris recent 9 year anniversary

2. Opportunity to see live theatre and music in East Timor

If you are lucky, you might be able to catch one of Arte Moris live shows or exhibitions when you are in East Timor. Always energising and inspiring, the Arte Moris team sure put their heart’s into their work. Currently showing is a theatre performance called ‘Televizaun Laran Kanek’ (Television Broken Heart) which in their words:
“Is a serious, though at times hilarious, take on issues affecting everyday people in Timor
ranging from land rights issues, corruption in government and big business
to the hazards of Dili’s traffic both people and animal driven. While the show
is presented largely in Tetum, there is music, singing, dancing and even the
occasional man on man kiss…so something for everyone”
Catch it this Saturday 14th April (see below for more details).

Don’t miss out- show this Saturday 14th April 2012!
Keep an eye on their facebook page for the latest information on all their other upcoming shows.

3.  Meet the Artists

The artists at Arte Moris are the coolest cats in town. In a pretty conservatively dressed country, these guys get around with dreads, tattoos and some pretty experimental clothing choices. They stand out just like an artist should.A lot of the artists live and work at the school and they are more than happy to have a chat to you about the inspiration for their artwork and the history behind the buildings.Don’t be shy, say hello!

4.  Volunteer

Are you a master of a paintbrush? Do you take a mean photograph? Can you build a piano? Like teaching languages or whipping up spreadsheets? Arte Moris relies on the support of volunteers to share their skills with their team. If you have a few weeks to spare and would like to volunteer with Arte Moris, you can get in contact with them here. And I’ll bet, that in your time volunteering you will probably learn more than you are able to give.

Outdoor sculpture at Arte Moris made out of thongs

5.  It is F-R-E-E

That’s right, there is NO admission charge to go and visit Arte Moris so you have NO excuses. Get in a taxi or pile onto your Mega Pro and get out there!

Map to Arte Moris
All of these beautiful photos were provided from Arte Moris.