There’s a lot of stuff that get’s written by academics about Timor-Leste and although I am sure this is an important way to document Timorese culture, I do question where it all ends up and whether anyone actually reads it.

Lian Husi Klamar

This is certainly not the case with Ros Dunlop’s incredible new book, Lian Husi Klamar: Musika Tradisional Husi Timor-Leste (Sounds of the Soul: The Traditional Music of East Timor). The book, which has taken Ros ten years to create, is set to become a lasting and valuable resource on the traditional music of East Timor. And it’s more than just a book. Lian Husi Klamar comes with an accompanying CD and DVD with recordings of traditional music and performances.
“East Timor’s traditional music is a fundamental part of the cultural heritage and an integral part of its nationhood. It is vital that it be nurtured and passed on to successive generations. It is entwined in all facets of the life of its people. Sounds of the Soul takes the reader on a journey of discovery of the traditional music by way