Update: Dili Marathon has been moved back to the original date, 22nd June 2013.From living in Timor-Leste, you come to accept that nothing is ever on time and things rarely go to plan. I get it….This morning I read that the Dili Marathon, planned for Saturday 22nd June 2013- yep that’s four weeks away- has changed dates! It’s now going to be held on Saturday 29th June.And I’m angry.

Why are they moving it?

Well, this is what it says on their facebook page:

Due to the proximity of other Government events in June the Ministry of Tourism has set the 2013 Dili Marathon to be held on the 29th of June. All enquiries should be directed to the Ministry of Tourism at the following email address: aqino2004@yahoo.com

You can just imagine it can’t you, it’s the end of May, staff at the Ministry of Tourism, finally flip over there calendars to look at June (that’s if they even own a calendar or a diary) and think: ‘whoa what a surprise, we’ve got a lot of events in June don’t we…. Hmmm… Well, we better move some around then.’BUT HELLO, it’s four weeks away from the marathon!You can’t change the dates this late.Not when you’ve got people coming from overseas that have paid for plane tickets to be there on the 22nd June.

Is anyone in this situation?

As per their suggestion I’m going to email Aquilino Santo Caeiro, I suggest you do too! I’ll keep you posted.