The last time I slept the night at Darwin airport, I promised myself I’d NEVER do it again.But, here we are again!

So why are we lying on the bright blue lily pad carpet trying to get a few hours of sleep before our flight to Dili?

The same reasons I’ve slept at Darwin airport before!

  1. Our flight to Darwin arrived at 12:30am. Our flight to Dili leaves at 5:45am. With check in starting at 3:45am, it doesn’t seem worth it to go to a hotel and come back. It’s only 3 hours! (I said that when I was booking, but now lying here on the ground, 3 hours seems like an eternity)
  2. Darwin is expensive and we can’t afford to spend a night or two there beforehand to break up the trip (this is what we’d definitely do if we had the time and money)

Seems like most people of the people on our flight had the same idea.

With the majority of Airnorth flights to Dili leaving Darwin early in the morning, you might also find yourself sleeping on the carpet.We’ve come up with some tips to make the most of you airport slumber.


  • Stake out some floor room on the ground floor as soon as you arrive. The area past where you collect your bags, down near the toilets is the most popular spot and it can get pretty busy. Anywhere near a wall or chair is good. But, if you are late like us, the middle of the floor is fine. Just use your luggage trolley as a privacy-barrier
  • If you have no bags to check in, go through security and make your way to the first floor of the airport where you’ll find heaps of lounges and these amazing, and very sleep-able circular seats
If you do have lots of luggage to check in, you could put it in a locker and then go upstairs.
Locker prices are as follows:
Small: $6 for the first 12 hours, then $6 per 24 hour period thereafter.
Medium: $8 for the first 12 hours, then $8 per 24 hour period thereafter.
Large: $14 for the first 12 hours, then $14 per 24 hour period thereafter.
  • It is FREEZING, bring something warm to wear or a blanket. They sure know how to pump that air conditioning
  • Use your clothes as a pillow or bring an inflatable neck cushion
  • Eye masks are great as well as ear plugs (there is a lot of noise and sirens for some reason in the airport) just make sure you can still hear your alarm so you don’t miss your plane
  • On that note, set your alarm so you don’t sleep through your check in
  • The bacon and egg mcmuffin from Hungry Jacks are nowhere near as good as you think they’ll be- don’t do it!
Have you slept at Darwin airport? Share your tips below, we’re bound to be doing it again sometime soon. * Perhaps the sirens are to do with them upgrading Darwin airport (about time). Hopefully by the time you’re spending the night there, they’ll be even more options of places for you to sleep.