Some things change.

Some things stay the same.

Jason and I loved seeing what’s changed in Timor-Leste. These are some of the things we noticed:

1.    Stadium walls destroyed

Whoever thought it was a good idea to get rid of the beautiful murals on the walls around Dili Stadium should be fired! The only redeeming feature of the murals being painted over is that trees have been planted.

2.    Goodbye Timor-Telecom

Hello Timor Telecom competitors…The wait is finally over and now you are free to choose different mobile and internet providers. This can only be a good thing for everyone.

3.     Traffic light countdowns

The new traffic light countdowns are great.

4.    Santa Cruz Memorial

There is a beautiful new statue on the waterfront. Unfortunately there is no plaque to describe what it is. I think it is a memorial for the Santa Cruz massacre (compare the images above- what do you think?). I have a great story to share about this statue, but you’ll have to wait for another post.

5.    Finally cheaper cheese

Kmanek supermarket is now selling cheese at reasonable prices… Well done.

6.    Comoro Road median strip

We love that the hectic Comoro Road is now divided with a median strip. The departure of the UN, GNR and ADF has done nothing to unclog the roads though. In fact, there seems to be more cars on the road now.

7.     Baggage wrapping at the airport

If you are planning a trip to Bali, consider plastic wrapping your bags.

8.    Heineken takeover

Tiger beer banners have been replaced by bright green Heineken ones everywhere.It must be a football thing.

9.    Pedestrian crossings

While there are now heaps more zebra crossings painted on the roads in Dili, be warned, the traffic doesn’t stop for anyone using them as crossings.

10.    Fancy number plates

Super dopey fancy number plates can be purchased by those with enough money in Timor!
Part two coming soon…