As promised, here is part 2 in our series about what’s changed in Timor.

11.     Lots more advertising with a Timorese spin

There has always been advertising in Timor, but now businesses seem to be using Timorese faces in their ads.

12.    Timor Plaza

Timor Plaza was being built when I lived in Dili, which I must say did make me cringe. But now it’s opened, I’ve changed my mind. Every Timorese person I spoke with said it was the best thing that’s happened to Dili. It’s full of Timorese people too, working and browsing the shops and enjoying the free entertainment. They’ve got a cinema, Gloria Jeans, local handicrafts and even fairy floss!

13.    The mosque has changed color

The Masjid An-Nur Mosque in Dili has gone from being white to green.

14.    Free outdoor wifi

New seats and shelter to enjoy the free wifi on the waterfront.

15.     New bridge

There is now another bridge over Comoro River (although on the day we took this photo, the original bridge was closed).

16.    New $1 coin- ‘100 centavos’

Oooh yeah say goodbye to some of those filthy $1 US notes in your wallet and welcome Timor’s new coins. They were minted in Portugal and are equivalent to $1 USD. Of course your dirty notes will still be accepted.

17.     Confidence

Young people on the streets are looking more confident.

18.    Lines down the middle of some roads

The new lines don’t seem to stop cars overtaking others even when oncoming traffic is close.

19.    Laundromats

If you don’t hire a cleaner that washes your clothes, you can now go to one of the Laundromats in Dili. We saw one near Gion, the Japansese restaurant. Take the first right after the Australian Embassy to find the other one. These will be handy if you are in Dili for a holiday and need some clothing washed.

20.    Signs to encourage people to put their trash in garbage bins

Despite the increase in bins and signage, there’s still unfortunately heaps of litter in Timor-Leste.

21.    Clothing markets have moved

A lot of the small ramshackle local market stalls have been moved. You can now find most of the clothes stalls outside the front of Arte Moris. Which could make Arte Moris easier and also harder to find.

22.     One More Bar closed

Sad to see our favourite place to get sausages closed.

23.    Road signs

Road signs have exponentially increased in Dili, but does anyone follow them?
I can’t wait to see what else changes in Timor in the years to come.