Job  Census Publicity Consultant

Duty Station   General Directorate of Statistics (GDS), Dili, Timor Leste

Duration  Three weeks

  3rd November, 2014 

Background – The Government of Timor Leste is scheduled to undertake her third Population and Housing census in July, 2015. The pilot census was conducted in July, 2014. The main objective is to collect the Suco level information on demographic, economic and social characteristics of the population. It will also collect information on housing conditions and household amenities. Census activities are already underway at General Directorate of Statistics (GSD) which is the implementing agency. The nature and magnitude of the census requires that all stakeholders of the process be provided with correct and timely information on routine basis. To achieve this, the census project plans to develop a Census Publicity and Awareness Creation strategy to guide publicity activities throughout the census period.

The GDS with support from UNFPA intends to hire the services of a consultant to review publicity activities of 2015 census, hold discussions with various actors and develop a Census Publicity Strategy that would ensure that various actors are provided with correct information throughout the census period.


a) Communication and advocacy strategic planning skills: The consultant should be able to articulate clear and measurable communication and advocacy objectives, and establish coherent strategies, plans and activities to achieve them. In particular, he/she should be able to design communication strategies to reach various sections of population in the urban as well as rural audiences.

b) Knowledge of print, electronic and traditional media: The consultant will be expected to hold brief discussions with professionals in the print, mass and electronic media from the government-controlled and privately-owned media institutions. He/she should also have know-how to utilize modern and traditional media to reach all parts and groups of people in the country.

d) Knowledge of census operations: Experience in designing and implementing publicity, dissemination and public relations strategies for censuses or other-large scale national activities will be an added advantage. Being conversant with protocols of the Government of Timor-Leste and development partners is another added advantage.

e) Personal qualities: The consultant must be dynamic, self-motivated and demonstrate high initiative.

Expected Tasks:

Under the guidance of the Director General, General Directorate of Statistics and Census Technical Specialist, the consultant will be working with the Census Publicity staff. The consultant will perform the following tasks:

·       Review publicity and awareness creation materials utilized in 2010 census and other project documents;

·       Prepare a Census Publicity and Advocacy Strategy document which is sensitive to local culture with details of activities and budget;

·       Prepare publicity documents like banners, slogans, fly leaves,  kits for media and school ,etc,

·       Train census publicity personnel on how to prepare simple publicity messages

·       Other related activities that will arise in the course of the consultancy


 Expected Outputs:

·       A copy of the Census Publicity and Advocacy Strategy document with detailed activities and budget;

·       Copies of draft slogans, banners, posters, fly leaves ,VIP messages, media and school kits, etc

·       The publicity staff capable of preparing simple press releases/media kits on census occasions;

·       Improved knowledge amongst Census Publicity Unit staff on contents of the strategy and ways of implementing it.

·       A brief mission report detailing the tasks accomplished.


She/he will have:

  • A post-graduate in Population Studies, Social Sciences or any related field
  • At least five years working experience in development of communication contents at international level preferably on population and housing census or elections.
  • Must have developed a census publicity and awareness creation strategy in a developing country.
  • Must be fluent in English language, knowledge of Tetum, Portuguese and Bahasa is an added advantage.
  • Able to communicate effectively with project personal.

Duration of the consultancy

The consultancy is expected to take 3 weeks starting from 3rd  November, 2014

Payment and Benefits The remuneration will be provided at the UNDP rates commensurate with responsibilities spelt out and qualification of the person selected.