Purpose of the Evaluation

Australian Red Cross (ARC) in partnership with the Timor-Leste Red Cross (CVTL) is looking for a consultant to undertake an evaluation to investigate the sustainability, effectiveness and impact of CVTL’s approach to water, sanitation and hygiene programming over the past 10 years. This will include reviewing the sustainability of community-level infrastructure as well as the triggers for positive and long-term behaviour change as a result of CVTL WASH interventions. It will inform the design and implementation of future WASH programs by CVTL as well as inform a concept document to promote CVTL’s approach amongst stakeholders.
The consultant is expected to independently develop quantitative and qualitative tools for data collection, undertake field work and prepare a final report outlining findings and recommendations. 
Timeline of the Evaluation
October – November 2014 
Methodology of the Evaluation
It is proposed this evaluation will utilise mixed methods for the purpose complementarity as it will seek to enhance and clarify the results from one method (household survey) with the other (qualitative data collection).   The purpose is to gain a deeper understanding of overall CVTL WASH impacts, understanding the factors influencing community WASH practices and sustainability of these changes.  The design where possible will be explanatory sequential – in Phase 1 a household survey will be conducted and analysed.  Findings from the quantitative stage will then help to inform the themes to be further explored in the Phase 2 qualitative stage.  Qualitative and quantitative methods will be determined and planned at the beginning of the process, but the direction of inquiry for Phase 2 will shift based on the findings of the household survey.  It is anticipated that the qualitative strand will have more prominence with the quantitative data supporting these results.


Australian Red Cross expects the consultant to provide;
·         An evaluation progress update during the field visit
·         A draft report
·         A final report
·         A two page summary of the evaluation findings
·         Presentations to CVTL, IFRC, ARC and PNS in-country and presentation to ARC HQ
·         Copies of any presentations, collected data, focus group discussions.

Time frame for deliverables

Date (2014)                       Action
26 September                      Critical Reference Group finalize TOR

8 October – 20 October           Advertise for Evaluation Team Leader

21 October – 24 October          Interviews and selection process

13 October – 31 October          Phase 1: CVTL conduct and analyze Household survey

November (dates to be confirmed)         Timor-Leste Field Trip (up to 20 days in Timor Leste), including providing preliminary feedback to CVTL and partners on findings

5 December               Submission of draft evaluation report

12 December              Australian Red Cross returns report to consultant with feedback after review

19 December              Submission of final evaluation report and evaluation summary

Evaluation Team Leader
 will have the following skills and experience;

·        Extensive evaluation experience
·        Highly skilled at developing and utilising both quantitative and qualitative evaluation tools
·        Adept at analysing quantitative and qualitative data
·        Experienced in managing and/or evaluating WASH and health programs
·        Excellent communication skills, including report writing skills in English
·        Experience in community development
·        Understanding of participatory approaches to monitoring and evaluation
·        Willingness to mentor and capacity build team members


·        Experience working Timor-Leste 
·        Good understanding of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement
·        Tetum language skills
·        RAMP survey experience 
For full details of the consultancy, please refer to the Terms of Reference available on reliefweb through the following link: http://reliefweb.int/job/698424/wash-evaluation-team-leader-ex-post-cluster-evaluation 
Interested applicants are requested to submit a current CV and application outlining:
·         Approach / Methodology
·         Fees
·         Availability
·         Skill Set & Experience

Deadline for applications: 21 October 2014, 5pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time. 

Submit via email to Kerryn Clarke, Program Coordinator, Australian Red Cross via kclarke@redcross.org.au