DATE: Approx. three months starting from November 2014 (with potential of extension for up to 6 additional months)


Since starting operations in 2007, Mercy Corps has earned a reputation for high quality and innovative programming. Mercy Corps’ approach is to work with the still nascent market system and facilitate sustainable relationships among producers, retailers and consumers, while providing the necessary inputs and technical know-how that will enable such relations to flourish. Mercy Corps is currently implementing the Royal Norwegian Government funded Combatting Malnutrition and Poverty through Aquaculture in Timor-Leste (COMPAC-TL) programme. Mercy Corps partners with Hivos and WorldFish  and works closely with the National Directorate for Fisheries and Aquaculture (NDFA) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) and with the Nutrition Department of the Ministry of Health (MOH). The programme promotes inland fish farming, and where feasible integrated aqua-agriculture systems (IAAS), as a viable means to increase both access to nutritious food as well as income for an estimated 1,500 resource poor farming households in six rural Districts of Timor-Leste. Mercy Corps is implementing the programme in Ainaro, Manufahi and Covalima, while Hivos focuses their activities in Lautem, Baucau and Viqueque. An additional 30,000 community members will benefit from the programme through awareness raising and behavior change programming around good nutritional practices, increased availability in local markets of fish and other nutritious foods such as orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, leafy greens and legumes, economic linkages through fish traders, input providers, and, where feasible, through the promotion of local fish in school feeding programmes.


COMPAC-TL combines market focused interventions for inland fish producers with integrated nutrition programming, especially targeting behavior change at the household level around dietary practices. An experienced nutritionist is required, working across Mercy Corps and Hivos target areas, for assisting the programme to achieve the Result number 2 (Enhanced consumption of balanced diet through increased intake of fish and nutritious crops by target household members), through the specific following tasks:

Key Tasks

a)      In coordination with Programme Manager, organize and assist Mercy Corps’ experts to conduct the Designing for Behavior Change (DBC)[1] training, research, report writing and designing of interventions.

b)      Responsible to develop activities for following up the DBC results and proposed interventions by (i) commission a transfer of knowledge activity[2] to Program Officers; (ii) to ensure that any required procurements and/or other supporting materials are in place for implementing proposed interventions; (iii) to monitor the implementation of proposed activities by Program Officers; and (iv) if required, to directly implement proposed interventions at community (field) level as well as any coordinated activities at national level. 

c)       Design modules and/or other supporting materials and conduct Training of Trainers (ToTs) for Program Officers on: (i) Participatory development of dietary diversified recipes and cooking demo at cluster/group level, and (ii) Community food events to showcase improved fish processing, cleaning, cooking and combining fish in meals at community level.

d)      As much as possible, to integrate DBC interventions as well as participatory recipe development, cooking demos and food events into existing Farmer Field School (FFS) activities.

e)      Ensure that any required procurements and/or other supporting materials are in place for the implementation of participatory recipe development and cooking demos as well as food events and to monitor the implementation of these activities by Program Officers.

Additional tasks:

f)       In coordination with Mercy Corps Programme Manager and Hivos Project Coordinator, to integrate DBC and nutrition activities of COMPAC-TL into overall programme workplan, including assisting Program Officers to plan field activities implementation.

g)      Together with project team, to share out relevant results, lessons learned and general project updates to a wide audience of stakeholders.

h)      Any other relevant tasks as deemed necessary by the Programme Manager.


o   Organized DBC training and research

o   Feedback on the DBC results and design of interventions as prepared by experts

o   ToT Modules and/or relevant materials for:

o   Knowledge transfer to Program Officers on DBC results and interventions

o   Participatory recipes development and cooking demo

o   Food events

o   Delivery of the ToTs

o   Monitoring and consultancy reports



Mercy Corps office is located in Dili. Consultant activities will  require travel to other districts.


This consultancy is reporting directly to COMPAC-TL Programme Manager.



·         Minimum degree in public health or nutrition or other relevant background with a minimum of five years’ relevant working experience

·         Familiar with nutrition sensitive agriculture development in Timor-Leste

·         Fluent in Tetum and English with strong writing and reporting skills

·         Experience working with private sectors, government officials and  collaborating with them on  program implementation

·         Experience and interest in building capacity of diverse team related to nutrition

·         Willingness to travel frequently to target areas