UNICEF Timor-Leste is looking for a qualified international consultant to provide technical assistance to Ministry of Education (MoE) in EMIS development and improvement, as well as capacity building of relevant MoE officials at all levels.   


1.                Background

Timor Leste is going through an education reform based on the Ministry of Education (MoE)’s National Education Strategic Plan (NESP) 2011-2030. Under NESP, in order to strengthen evidence-based planning and budgeting, the Priority Area 11 – Introducing Information Technologies and Management Information System, specifies the aim that “The Ministry will be capable of developing effective management systems by appropriately using ICT and integrated MIS at the central, district and school management levels”. 

In order to achieve the goal, Direção Nasionál ba Planu, Finansa, Administrasaun no Lojístika (NDPFAL, National Directorate of Planning, Finance, Administration and Logistics) has set up the Education Management Information System (EMIS). It aims to meet the need of reliable and timely availability of data for effective planning, implementation and monitoring purposes. EMIS is managed by the EMIS Department under the NDPFAL. 

UNICEF with other development partners have been supporting the EMIS development and improvement over the past few years. As a result, the required institutional and human resource capacities have been so far enhanced. However, there are various ongoing challenges faced by the EMIS Department for its effective and full-scale operation of EMIS system, due to its complex, specialized technical nature of their duties. The challenges are found in all areas at all levels, including efficient data collection, verification, analysis and dissemination. For data management, particular challenges are found due to their limited skills on how to manage collected data in EMIS software and hard copies, as well as updating of EMIS software. All these mentioned gaps have caused the delay in information provision and also raise question of data accuracy. Continued, intensive support is needed to further improve the overall system, as well enhance the institutional and human recourse capacities to ensure the sustainability of the reliable EMIS. 

To address the mentioned ongoing challenges, as well as in exploration of an exit strategy for sustainability in mind, UNICEF has been requested by the Ministry of Education to provide technical assistance in the below mentioned areas. 

2.                Purposes of the assignment

The objectives of the consultancy is to provide technical assistance to MoE strengthen the MoE’s capacity in EMIS development, improvement and enhanced operationalization in the new GoTL-UNICEF Country Programme 2015-2019.   


3.                Activities, Task, deliverables and timeframe


Expected Outputs

·        In consultation with MoE EMIS staff and other key MoE officials, develop a detailed, costed EMIS 5-year action plan (2016-2020), based on the EMIS Situation Assessment Report.

EMIS 5-year Action Plan (2016-2020) developed by: September 2015

·        In consultation with the MoE key officials, assist the EMIS Department to improve the EMIS regular data collection activities (for pre-school, basic and secondary education) in the following areas:

·        Review and revise the EMIS school questionnaire
·        Develop and pre-test school information database
·        Revise and pre-test EMIS pre-school database
·        Develop and pre-test EMIS web-based database
·        Develop data tabulation on schools, students and teacher’s collected data
·        Develop an EMIS operation manual, and train the EMIS staff 
·        EMIS school questionnaire revised by April 2015
·        School information database developed and pre-tested by June 2015
·        Pre-school database revised and pre-tested by August 2015
·        EMIS web-based database developed by October 2015
·        Data verification and tabulation completed by September 2015
·        EMIS operation manual developed by September 2015 and the EMIS staff trained by October 2015

·        Build the capacity of staff in EMIS department and other related MoE officials: (the below are applicable for pre-school, basic and secondary education data)

·        Conduct on-the-job training for EMIS staff on data collection, process, store, data tabulation
·        Train EMIS staff on MS Access database
·        Enhance the capacity of EMIS staff to generate / develop ad-hoc reporting including data tabulation and visualization
·        Enhance the capacity of EMIS staff and other relevant MoE staff to conduct data analysis (Interpretation of data, education indicators, trend comparison).

Capacity of EMIS staff built by October 2015 (on-the-job training for EMIS staff conducted; EMIS staff trained on MS Access database; capacity of EMIS staff to generate / develop ad-hoc reporting enhanced; capacity of EMIS staff to conduct data analysis enhanced)

·        Support and provide technical input to EMIS department for the production of 2014 school profile poster and for distributing it to each school in Timor-Leste.

·        Compile all standard indicators and data tables at school level.
·        Supervise the designing and printing of the poster.
·        Facilitate dissemination of the poster.

School profile poster finalized and distributed to schools by October 2015.

·        Support and provide technical input to EMIS department for the finalization of Statistical Year Book (SYB) for 2011, 2012 and 2013 (for basic education and secondary education for 2011 and 2012; pre-school, basic and secondary education for 2013)
·        Compile all standard indicators and data tables.
·        Supervise the development of narrative parts of Statistical Year Books.
·        Supervise the designing of Statistical Year Books.
·        Facilitate dissemination of Statistical Year Books.

·        Statistical Year Book finalised:

o   2011 by March 2015
o   2012 by July 2015

·        Statistical Year Book 2013 (English version) draft finalised by October 2015

·        Support and provide technical input to EMIS department for the production of Data Book 2014 (for pre-school, basic and secondary education):

·        Compile all standard indicators and data tables.
·        Supervise the designing of Data Books.
·        Facilitate dissemination of Data Books.

Data book 2014 finalised by April 2015

·        Support MoE for timely availability and effective use of EMIS data for the following studies and surveys:

·        School Grant Study
·        Out-of-School Children Study
·        Pre-school Baseline Surveys 

·        Finalized School Grant Study by April 2015

·        Finalized Out-of-School Children study by June 2015

·        Required data for the pre-school baseline surveys provided in a timely manner


The work should be completed in 9 months during the period of 2 February until end of October 2015.

4.           Management

In coordination with Chief of Education and other relevant staff of UNICEF Timor-Leste, the work will be carried out in close collaboration with the MoE EMIS Department and other relevant MoE officials. Consultation with key stakeholders in the EMIS area will be also essential.  

5.           Qualifications and experience required:

·        Advanced university degree in education, statistics, computer science, information system management or related disciplines;
·        Minimum 5 years professional experience in the field of information system development and management, preferably in education
·        Experience of research, monitoring and evaluation in the field of social development or education programme 
·        Excellent analytical skills
·        Experience in developing countries particularly in the South East Asia and working experience with international organizations is an added advantage 
·        Fluency in written and spoken English; knowledge of Portuguese or Tetum an asset.


6.           Condition of Work

The consultant will be based in the Education Section of UNICEF Timor-Leste. However, the consultant is expected to work in the MoE’s EMIS Department when necessary.

Office space, furniture, desktop, transport to district to be provided.

Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit the following information:

Please send the submission to dilihr@unicef.org 

Closing date for receipt of proposals: COB 9 January 2015.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.