Short term language translators/interpreters (10)

ChildFund Timor Leste is seeking for short term Korea/Tetun language translators/interpreters to support a one week health program activity in Lospalos District. The purpose of the position is to assist Korean medical team and Timorese medical team in Lospalos districts interpret between the Tetun and Korean languages during a one week medical camp to be held in Lospalos in February 2015.

The 10 interpreters will assist the Korean and Timorese medical staff to better understand each other during care and treatment of Timorese community members and during training interactions.

Ten interpreters are needed for this one week assignment; either Koreans who speak fluent Tetun or Timorese who speak fluent Korean.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist outreach activities in 1 village of Lospalos sub-district. Assist Korean and Timorese medical staff in communicating between Tetun and Korean in 2 days of outreach activities including community based primary care such as basic assessment, treatment and care of medical conditions.
  • Interpret between Tetun and Korean while the Korean and Timorese medical staff conduct cross-learning in community outreach and knowledge exchange meetings during facility based activities; some written translation may also be required for presentations and sharing of medical information or procedures

Use vocabulary list and/or experience with medical terminology relevant to the type of treatment and care provided during the medical camp;  each interpreter will be required to study the terms before the camp to ensure fluent communication between medical personnel


Desired Qualifications and experience

Field experience with Korean-Tetun translation and formal training; experience with medical terminology is preferred.  Relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities may be gained through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience, and/or on-the-job training.  Fluency in speaking Tetun and Korean is required and fluency in Fatuluku is an added advantage.  Ability to read and write in Korean and Tetum is an added advantage. Demonstrated skills in speaking Tetun and Korean are desirable.

All interested persons with the above skills and experiences should send an application letter with current CV in English or Tetun to or delivered to ChildFund Office, Rua Governador Lacerda da Maia, Vila Verde, Dili not later than 10 January 2015.