General Information
Assignment Code EC1214ET05
Duration 12 months
Proposed Start Date March 2015
Assignment Location Dili, Timor Leste
Assignment Summary

If you are a passionate human rights activist then look no further. HAK Association is in need of a Stakeholder Engagement Officer to help broaden their reach.

HAK stands for “Hukum, Hak Asasi dan Keadilan” which translates into English as Association for Law, Human Rights and Justice. They work at three levels: national police formation, enforcement of human rights and people’s empowerment. Currently they focus on conducting human rights advocacy, monitoring and education across three key areas: rights to justice (including justice for past crimes and women’s access to justice), economic and social rights (principally land rights) and strengthening the state system (with particular focus on monitoring the security sector and prisons).

You will work to improve staff skills in partner communication and report management processes. Networking skills is another area you will focus on, as well as improving the quality of HAK’s monthly publication to effectively communicate project outcomes to partners.

Your role will help HAK to broaden their impact, which will contribute to improved community education, health services and access to legal frameworks to protect human rights.

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