General Information
Assignment Code AV0115ET08
Duration 18 months
Proposed Start Date May 2015
Assignment Location Dili, Timor Leste
Assignment Summary
Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and think outside the square? The Nazareth Foundation are committed to establishing businesses for people with disabilities. Can you help?

The Nazareth Foundation was founded in 2014 as an umbrella organisation to develop small businesses that provide training and employment for people with disabilities. The Foundation is currently working on developing two new businesses, which you will support, as well as establishing new businesses in Dili and the districts.

Your role will also focus on strengthening the Foundation’s ability to generate and identify small business opportunities, including assessing associated risks. You will also collaborate on the development of business plans and secure seed funding. Additionally you will work with staff to establish effective procedures and processes for accounts and cash flow, management skills, marketing, quality control and training procedures, which will all contribute to successful small business operation.

Your role will support the empowerment of people living with disabilities through strengthened training, employment and business development opportunities.

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