General Information
Assignment Code EC0115ET07
Duration 12 months
Proposed Start Date May 2015
Assignment Location Dili, Timor Leste
Assignment Summary
Join the fight against domestic violence and help Mane Ho Vizaun Foun (Men with a New Vision) target men to promote gender equality in the home and the community.

Mane Ho Vizaun Foun was founded by a group of friends who witnessed gender inequality and violence against women in their communities. This grassroots organisation targets men directly in remote rural communities with activities focused on building awareness and understanding to prevent domestic violence and promote gender equality. Their programs emphasise that gender issues are about both women and men, not just women.

Your role will support staff to attract new donors and to strengthen existing relationships. This will be achieved through communication strategies and innovating programs to reflect donors’ priority areas. Together with the management team, you will identify and explore potential agencies, companies and other contacts to incorporate into planned fundraising activities and develop future fundraising initiatives.

Through your role, Mane Ho Vizaun Foun will continue to expand and foster awareness and understanding of the importance of gender equality and domestic violence prevention.

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