Consultant for Conflict Resolution to Women district Suco Councils




The Asia Foundation is currently implementing a program to support women’s leadership at the local level. The program, Strengthening Local Governance in Timor-Leste to Better Address Women’s Needs (Women’s Local Governance Program), is funded by the Norwegian Government and runs from 2012 to November 2015.


This program aims to support women leaders at the suku (village) level in building their capacity as local leaders, as well as assisting the suku council to be responsive to women’s development needs in the suku.  Through this program, The Asia Foundation is focusing on the women occupying reserved seats on the suku council (two women’s representatives, and one young woman on every suku council), raising their profile on the suku council and with community members, and assisting them in exercising their role as representing women in their suku. Through this focus, the Foundation also aims to encourage suku councils to lobby government and other institutions to pay attention to women’s issues.


The program’s objectives are to:

–       Increase women’s leadership in local governance or suku councils, and

–       Increase local government accountability and capacity to address women’s priority issues.

The program outcomes therefore relate to both the women representatives on village councils and to the performance of local councils in addressing women’s priority needs and include:

  1. Women suku representatives will have increased capacity and confidence to to be effective leaders;
  2. Suku council representatives (male and female) will be more accountable for their performance in addressing women’s needs;
  3. Suku councils will be more responsive to women’s priority issues; and
  4. Women suku representatives will have greater influence on district level priorities.




The Foundation has conducted an assessment of Local Governance Performance in six districts. The assessment identified that problem solving training to women in suku councils was desirable.


Therefore, we are seeking a short term  potential organization or individul consultant to conduct “pratical skills training to women representatives on simple problem solving techniques” in order to enable them to effectively engage as women representatives.  This training will be conducted in four target districts of Oe-Cusse Ainaro, Baucau, and Bobonaro. The focus of the training should be on three specific areas:

1)      Understanding Conflict

2)      Conflict Analysis

3)      Transformative Mediation



Specific Responsibility of the consultant;


  1. Organization or individual consultant should already have it’s own Modules on Conflict resolution that have been successfully used with women in the distrcits, preferably with suku council members. These models should provide the following:
    1. Understanding Conflict. This half day model should introduce participants to the types of conflict, why conflict occuers, and ways that conflict can be channeld into positive change.
    2. Conflict Analysis. This half day model should introduce a practical and non complicated method to identifying the root causes to conflict.
    3. Transformative Mediation. This full day modual should provide undersdanting of what transformative mediaiton is, and how to conduct it. The module should also incorporate how to skills as well as practice mediation sessions. ,
  2. The organization should have the human resources necessary to deliver the mentioned trainings or if it’s an individual consultant he/she should be  well trained and capable of delivering the models;
  3. The organization  or individual will deliver the conflict resolution training over two days of training that will include both theory and practice in each location to women representatives at the Sub-district level in four target districts ( March – May  2015),
  4. In consultation with the program manager develop a training guide and learners handouts. Submit the conflict resolution training modules to program manager for the printing process before conducting the training,
  5. Will work closely with District Coordinators before the implementation of the training program to ensure full particiaption and local coordination.
  6. Prepare a completion report and provide recommendations on lessons learned.


Description Location Number of days
Prepare a training guide  and handout Dili/office work 5
Deliver training to Women Representatives Bobonaro district 6
Deliver training to   Women Representatives Baucau 6
Deliver training to   Women Representatives Ainaro 4
Deliver training to   Women Representatives Oe-Cusse 4
Debriefing  and Writing a completion report on the implemenation of the training Dili/office work 2
Total days   27



1)      2 Day conflict resolution training curriculum consisting of lesson plans, training manual and leaners handouts

2)      Deliver 2 days of training in each sub-districts of the four mentions districts

3)      Provide a completion report on basic conflict resolution training to xefe sukus, including, comments, suggestions and recommendations for future implementation of such training.



The consultant will be supervised by Vicente Maia, Program Manager for the Women Local Governance.


Duration of the work

The work will be conducted through the period from March 1, 2015 – May 31, 2015.


The Asia Foundation strongly encourages women to apply.


For Interested applications, please email your proposal with up-to date CV to Odete Maria Antonia Laranjinha, before or on the 20th February 2015 at 5PM.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the interview.