World Vision Timor Leste, a non-profit Christian Humanitarian Organization, committed to working with the poor and vulnerable, is seeking qualified national staff to fill the vacant position of: Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) Advisor. 

Purpose of position: 
The FMNR Advisor will support Directorate of Forestry (DF) of MAF and WVTL in coordinating the promotion, piloting and knowledge management of FMNR methodology throughout the country 

The FMNR Advisor will report to Director of National Directorate of Industrial Plants & Coffee in NDF and to Agriculture & Climate Change Technical Specialist of WVTL. He/she would have close working relationship with municipal level DF & WVTL officers and FWG, and undertake the responsibilities listed below with continues development of required self capacity and gaining of experiences in the area of advocacy. 

Technical assistance 
·        Provide technical assistance in strengthening existing FMNR model sites and establishing new model sites 
·        Lead and monitor the technical quality of FMNR activities 
·        Follow-up the progress of FMNR and related activities 
·        Co-lead the coordination of the national FMNR working group (FWG) meetings and activities 
·        Initiate the formation and strengthen municipal level FWG formation and function 
·        Collect & compile FMNR & related field data 
·        Organize & lead national & municipal level FMNR workshops & trainings 
·        Execute other related duties assigned by DF & WVTL 
·        Follow-up the establishment and function of nurseries 
·        Involve in advocacy of FMNR as a mainstream conservation & livelihoods strategy in TL 
·        Involve in FMNR research

  • Assist in developing training modules and manuals for staff and community

·        Monthly activity report 
·        Two 6 months and one annual report 
·        Establishing 3 new FMNR project sites 
·        Draft FMNR knowledge management strategy 
·        Conduct 1 Annual FMNR Learning Event 
·        Formation of FMNR working groups in 6 districts 
·        Quarterly report on FMNR working groups 
·        Coordinate a quarterly FMNR bulletin 
·        Other duties   

Partnerships and Collaborations: 
·        Identify key strategic partners in the field of FMNR at the national level and support the development of collaborative partnerships 
·        Support partnership development at the municipal level 
·        Network with local, national & international partners interested in FMNR

·        Pursue and develop meaningful and formal partnerships with relevant partners including Govt, UN agencies. 
·        Participate in advocacy forums and networks focusing on advocacy and contributing to the advancement of FMNR.   
Capacity Development 
·        Undertake assessment, identify gaps in the knowledge & practices of FMNR and plan and execute capacity building activities for field staff & community

·        Proactively work with NDF district offices, WVTL Area Managers, Project Managers and Project Coordinators to build the capacity of NDF & WVTL staff 
·        Train NDF & WVTL staff in FMNR techniques & methodology

  • Support or lead training weeks for staff at WVTL

Minimum Qualifications and Experience Required:

  • University Degree in Forestry, Land management, Agriculture or related studies
  • Knowedgeble on Natural resources / agricultural extension
  • knowledgebe on Land management
  • Minimum 3 years of professional experience in forestry / soil conservation / land management
  • Working experience with government / NGOs


Applicants should submit an application letter, CV and other documents to: HR Department, World Vision Timor Leste, 
Av. Dos Direitos Humanos Estrada de Bidau, Bidau Mota Klaran, Dili or branch office in Bobonaro, Baucau & Aileu 
or you can send your CV to email address: 
For more information Please contact WVTL Office: 

Closing date is 26 March 2015 at 5:00 pm