I. Job Title:          Senior Economic Adviser

II. Terms of Reference


III. Application procedure

Please visit our website at www.mof.gov.tl   and go to ‘Employment Opportunities’ to learn about our recruitment process and your application requirements including how to address your application.

Applications need to be addressed to the Head of Human Resources, at email address, jobs@mof.gov.tl , no later than 17:00 hours Timor-Leste time on Tuesday, the 19th day of May, 2015.

Applications should include (a) a covering letter (b) a detailed resume of no more than 7 pages and (c) Response to the Selection Criteria.

All applicants must answer clearly the selection criteria, that can be found at https://www.mof.gov.tl/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/APPLICATION_PROCEDURE_MoF-Revised-80213.doc delineating how they have met the requirements. We do not expect that you would just cut and paste from your resume but rather explain concisely and succinctly how you have met these competences, possibly providing brief examples etc.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


Job Title:                               Senior Economic Adviser

Purpose:                               To provide economic advice based on sound economic analysis to inform and contribute to the development of Ministry and Government policy and to support the strengthening of the capacity of the Economic Policy Directorate to produce quality fiscal research and publications.

Reporting to:                       Director-General State Finance through the National Director Economic Policy

Counterpart(s):                   National Director of Economic Policy; Fiscal, Economic and MDG cluster leaders

Classification:                     SPA/ A3 – Specialised Professional

TOR Reference :                 April 2015

Duration:                              One year with possibility for extension based on performance and funding availability

Location:                              Ministry of Finance, Dili, Timor-Leste

I. Selection Criteria


·         A post-graduate degree from an internationally well-regarded university

·         At least ten (10) years relevant experience working as an economist in government or the private sector

·         At least four years experience working as an economist in a developing country context

·         Experience in at least two of the following technical areas: forecasting economic growth, forecasting inflation, government financial statistics, public financial management, fiscal policy analysis, economic activity indexes, costing pensions programs and tax policy

  • Strong communication, writing and facilitation skills
  • Demonstrated ability to build effective working relationships with senior staff, government officials and stakeholders

·         Understanding of approaches to capacity development in a developing country context

·         Fluent in English language skills written and spoken and a willingness to learn Tetum


·         Experience working as an adviser for a developing country government

·         Experience advising senior officials on economic policy

·         Experience developing and facilitating training courses in economics or a related discipline


The Ministry of Finance of Timor-Leste (MoF) is the central body of the Government of Timor-Leste responsible for drafting, executing, coordinating and assessing the policies defined and approved by the Council of Ministers, for the areas of annual planning and monitoring, budget and finance.  It is mandated to undertake functions related to macroeconomic policy (in collaboration with the Central Bank) and to propose policies and draft laws and regulations on tax and non-tax revenues.  MoF is under the responsibility of the Minister of Finance, and carries out its responsibilities through central services integrated in the direct administration of the State.

The National Directorate of Economic Policy (DNEP), under which the role of Senior Economic Adviser operates, is responsible to:

a) Review and recommend policies for the promotion of economic development and poverty reduction;
b) Develop and maintain macroeconomic models for the purpose of policy formulation;
c) Issue opinions and studies on the public and private sectors, structural reforms, employment, wages, financial markets, monopolies, investment and capital formation;
d) Prepare estimates of the growth, employment and inflation;
e) Coordinate with the Central Bank of Timor-Leste under the monitoring of monetary and exchange rate policy;

In the field of fiscal policy, the DNEP undertakes the following tasks:

a) Prepare, analyse and report on the fiscal policy of the Government, including revenues and expenses;
b) Draft quarterly reports of income and expenditure according to the report format of the Government Financial Statistics;
c) Prepare quarterly and annual reports on budget amendments;
d) Propose revenue policy, suggesting modification or enlargement of the base of the tax system;
e) Analyse long-term fiscal sustainability;
f) Propose sources of non-oil revenue;
g) Prepare the annual expenditure review and periodic reviews of public sector expenditure;
h) Review the annual budget implementation, including the municipalities;
i) Review the public debt;
j) Issue an opinion on the financial system and its impact on the economy.

The role of Senior Economic Adviser will contribute to this wide variety of functions working in a Ministry recognised for its leadership and the quality and volume of its output. Whilst the role will undertake high-level activities such as supporting the management of staff and presenting economic analyses to the Minister and Vice-Minister, the role also involves considerable technical work and writing briefing notes, speaking notes and presentations for senior officials to present at conferences and international forums. This position requires flexibility and an incumbent who is comfortable not only with strategic and technical tasks, but who is also committed to strengthening the capacity of the DNEP and its staff and is willing to contribute to, and undertake more routine matters to fulfil work demands.

III. Scope of Work


Performance Indicator

1.    Provide advice to the Senior Officials, including the Minister and Vice-Minister, on economic policy.

·         Advice is specific, accurate, relevant to the context, provided within timeframe required.

·         Level of Senior Officials satisfaction with quality of advice

2.    Support the National Director of Economic Policy (DN) to manage the directorate including assist with the drafting and implementation of:

–      key performance indicators (KPI)

–      strategic plan

–      annual action plan (AAP)

–      team and staff work plans

·         Plans and KPIs are maintained up to date

·         Quality of inputs to achievement of, and reporting on, strategic plan and AAP

3.    Assist the DN ensure that the DNEP achieves its key performance indicators

·         KPI and Directorate performance rated minimum ‘B’ (Independent monitors review)

4.    Review and undertake quality control of all Ministry of Finance economic publications, including but not limited to:

–         inflation quarterly reviews,

–         fiscal bulletins and

–         quarterly economic bulletins.

·         Quarterly Inflation Reviews, Fiscal Bulletins and Economic Bulletins are published by agreed dates

·         Publications are high quality (technically sound, relevant to context, accurate)

5.    Oversee the drafting of key government documents including Budget Book 1 and the Yellow Road presentations. Draft inputs to these when required.

·         Budget Book 1 is completed and submitted to parliament by the 14th of October

·         The quality of budget book 1 is maintained and/or improved

·         Yellow Road slides are completed

6.    Oversee the process of drafting and editing the Millennium Development Goals Report and ensure this document is of a high quality before publication.

·         Millennium Development Goals report is completed to the required standard and published

7.    Ensure economic forecasting model, fiscal sustainability model and economic activity index are kept up to date by the relevant clusters in the economic policy directorate

·         Models are kept up-to-date

8.    Draft briefing notes on a wide range of economic and social policy issues

·         Minimum 5 Briefing Notes annually

·         Notes are drafted to the required quality standards

9.    Provide technical inputs to tax policy working

·         Quality of inputs (technically sound, accurate, relevant to context, timely)

10.    Draft speaking notes and presentations for senior officials

·         Officials satisfaction with quality of drafts

11.    Review and cost Government policies and private sector investment proposals

·         Number of policies/proposals reviewed & costed

·         Officials satisfaction with quality of drafts (technically sound, accurate, relevant to context, timely)

12.    Oversee the drafting of a training manual on economic forecasting, inflation forecasting, fiscal policy analysis and formulating the economic activity index and basic maths for economics

·         Training manual completed

13.    Lead the process of drafting joint development partner and government reports

Currently reports are being drafted on PDID infrastructure quality (World Bank), Economic Diversification (ESCAP) and the Costs and Benefits of ASEAN membership (ADB).

·         At least one joint development partner and MoF report is completed each year.

·         Officials satisfaction with quality of draft.

14.    Assist in the management and oversight of the AAA World Bank/DFAT Trust Fund

·         Speaking notes and reports informing senior officials of the progress of the Trust Fund are drafted within required timeframe.

15.    Comment on development partner economic reports to ensure they are factually accurate and fairly reflect the government’s policies

·         Briefing notes drafted as required.

16.    Other duties as required.

·         Level of responsiveness to requests.

IV. Key Deliverables

In accordance with the Performance Indicators listed above and the following:

·Within four weeks of commencement, develop an Activity Work Plan that is consistent with the relevant activities and key performance indicators of the Ministry’s 5 Year Plan and submitted to the DG Customs;

·Quarterly Progress Reports to the DG Customs, against the agreed Work Plan

·End of Assignment report to the DG Customs no later than 10 working days prior to the end of contract

V. Performance Evaluation

The performance of the Senior Economic Adviser will be appraised and evaluated by the Director General State Finance with inputs from the National Director Economic Policy, using the Performance Appraisal System put in place and monitored by the Directorate-General for Corporate Services, Ministry of Finance.  This process will include a probation review within three (3) months of the commencement of the contract, regular reporting, ongoing workplace communications and annual performance appraisal.  Performance indicators are in place for all areas within the Ministry, and the incumbent’s work will be contributing to the achievement of the priorities as set out in their TOR and in the Ministry’s Five Year Plan.