Position description

UI/UX Web Designer

Liga Inan Program




Contract Period: One Year, with the possibility of extension

Location: Dili, Timor Leste

Recruitment type: International and national are invited to apply

About Catalpa International

Catalpa International is a human-centered design and technology agency which provides innovative, simple and effective solutions in a development context. Launched in 2010, Catalpa builds tools to assist governments, NGOs, communities and donors to make decisions to improve the delivery of aid and services.


Catalpa focuses on how technology can be used to improve the management of information in various sectors, including health, agriculture, finance, governance, mobile services and advocacy. Catalpa combines innovative technologies with projects that improve the lives of individuals. Catalpa believes that technology can be an agent for change. Catalpa draws on a wide range of experiences and seeks to continually broaden its capabilities by working with partners who are invested in developing better outcomes for communities.


Over the past two and half years Catalpa has established strong relationships with the Timor-Leste Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and the donor community including USAID, AusAID, European Union and partners such as the World Bank, World Health Organisation, International Labor Organisation and The Asia Foundation.



Catalpa is currently undergoing a period expansion and over the coming year with both an increase in both aid project management and software development. The successful candidate will be helping to build systems that impact hundreds of thousands of people, delivering a dynamic and compelling user experience and adapting technologies for the developing world. They will also be working on a range projects from Timor-Leste’s first mHealth project Liga Inan (www.ligainan.org) to the Government of Myanmar’s Aid Information Management System (www.mohinga.info), and much more.


The UI/UX web designer will work on a range of projects and be involved in all stages of the software lifecycle from design through development, testing and deployment to maintenance.


  • Work within small teams to develop new ideas for products and design elegant and intuitive user experiences
  • Collaborate on the creation of wireframes and mockups to illustrate user interactions and workflow.
  • Develop the user interface of a number of products in clear and readable HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • Once products are out in the wild, support their ongoing testing and iterate based on user feedback and product requirements.


  • Participate in design workshops and training programs.
  • Provide insights and feedback into the creation user training materials.


Qualifications and Experience




  • A Bachelor’s Degree or higher in design or a related field, or equivalent skills & experience.
  • Experience collaborating with a team through the entire design/build process.
  • A strong understanding of human-centered design principles and processes.


Technical specific

  • Outstanding portfolio of previous UI/UX work.
  • Able to effectively communicate design ideas through wireframes and user flows.
  • Proven ability to build products with HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, and D3.js.
  • Competence with Django / Jinga2 template languages.
  • Experience with a versioning system such as Git or Mercurial.

A strong focus on simplicity, usability & and accessibility.

  • A passion for making great products.



  • Competence in multiple languages — programming and spoken.
  • Client-side MVC frameworks.

Free/Open source software.

  • Agile development.

Terms and Conditions

The Technical Support & Training Officer will comply with relevant Catalpa International and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade policies, including but not limited to Children Protection, Fraud and Risk. Failure to adhere to these policies will result in grounds for termination of contract.


All applications should be sent to jobs@catalpa.io with a covering letter, CV and a statement of claims against the qualifications and experience criteria. A single PDF document is preferred.

Applications close on 18 May 2015.

For further enquiries or questions regarding this position, please send all correspondence to info@catalpa.io with UI/UX Web Designer in the subject line of the email.


We may consider a relocation allowance if no suitable candidate can be found locally.