Program Planning & Management Mentor (Peace Building)

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Sectors Community / Social Development, Management, Human Resources & IT, Law & Justice, Youth / Student / Other
Duration 18 Months
Application Close Date Monday, June 01, 2015
Country Timor-Leste
Program Australian Volunteers for International Development
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FUNDEF (Foin Sa’e Unidade Dezenvolve Futuru or Development for the Future Foundation) was founded in 2010 by seven Timorese youth from different universities and living in the urban village of Bairo Pité, Dili.

Bairo Pite is an area well known for youth crime, conflict and violence. Motivated to address this they recognized contributing casues to be boredom and lack of hope due to poverty, lack of skills, opportunities or work. In response they formed FUNDEF to work towards conflict resolution and peace building by addressing underlying problems and using capacity development to provide alternatives and skills. Their work focusses on youth but engages the whole community.

Since establishment, FUNDEF has developed impressively through the depth of motivation and talent of its staff and with the support and mentorship of key donors such as Caritas Australia. This is evidenced by the ongoing support of local communities and demand for their work and by the ongoing support from donors such as Oxfam Australia, Child Fund, UNDP and the Government of Timor-Leste.
The organisation continues to grow and is at a critical stage of expansion to the next level – organisational systems and staff capacity need strengthening and development to enable this expansion.

If you have the skills to assist FUNDEF with mentoring and supporting staff to develop existing organisational systems and capacities to enable the ongoing growth and expansion of the organisation, please download the Position Description above and follow the Application Process to find out more about this assignment.


For enquiries, please contact Max Campos on +61 3 9279 1752, or email

Pre-Departure Briefing

You must be available to attend a Pre-Departure Briefing in Melbourne on these dates: 16-18 September 2015.

Important information

We are only able to accept applications from Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens resident in Australia.

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The first step is a written application. Application instructions in detail, including important background information and guidance, are provided in the Position Description – click on the link above to download.

Please ensure that you include your full name and the name of the position you are applying for in your statement addressing selection criteria.


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