I.      JOB TITLE:  Asset Management Specialist (National)



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Norberta Soares
Director General for Corporate Services
Ministry of Finance


Job Title:                            Asset Management Specialist (National)

Purpose:                             To support a review of the assets management policies and procedures that will facilitate the decentralisation of responsibilities to line ministries and inform a revision of the legislative framework: and to then take a lead role in the implementation of the new decentralised framework.

Reporting to:                     Director General State Finance (DGSF) through the National Director Supply and Asset Management (DNSAM)

Counterpart(s):                 DNSAM; Supply and Asset Management directorate staff.

Classification:                   Technical Professional

TOR Reference:                 May 2015

Duration:                            1 year. with possibility of extension based on performance.

Location:                            Ministry of Finance, Dili, Timor-Leste

1.     Selection Criteria

·          University degree in a field related to Asset Management and 6 years related experience: OR a post­graduate qualification with 4 years related experience.
·          Knowledge of the process of policy development and experience in implementing asset management policies.
·          Ability to develop effective working relationships with senior government officials, management. stakeholders, international advisors and directorate staff
·          Experience in facilitating or supporting consultative processes to engage stakeholders.
·          Knowledge of Timor-Leste public sector assets management and other relevant Timor-Leste legislative and policy frameworks (or the ability to quickly acquire the knowledge)
·          Excellent written and verbal communication skills including fluency in English
·          Knowledge of capacity development and a commitment to build the capacity of staff through a range of activities.
·          Portuguese language skills.

II. Project Background
The Ministry of Finance of Timor-Leste (MoF) is the central body of the Government responsible for drafting, executing. coordinating and assessing the policies defined and approved by the Council of Ministers, for the areas of annual planning and monitoring, budget and finance. It is mandated to undertake functions related to macroeconomic policy (in collaboration with the Central Bank) and to propose policies and draft laws and regulations on tax and non-tax revenues. MoF is under the responsibility of the Minister of Finance. and carries out its responsibilities through central services integrated in the direct administration of the State, including the General Directorate of State Finance within which the National Directorate of Supply and Asset Management (DNSAM) resides

The key responsibilities of the DNSAM include:

a) Supervise and control the process and procedures on the management of inventory. disposal and auction of State movable assets;

b)  Coordinate and manage warehousing and distribution for movable assets purchased for Whole of Government;

c)  Ensure adequate procedures for disposal of State movable assets through improving the public tender evaluation as approved by the Disposal Committee;

d)  Prepare the State movable assets disposal list based on degradation and the recommendations of the Disposal Committee;

e)  Other tasks as stipulated by Law and letter/s of disposition.

The DNSAM requires the assistance of a Specialist in Asset Management to support its ambitious reform agenda which is premised on several key elements including the decentralisation of asset management to line ministries and municipalities; the automation of asset management utilising the Freebalance software system; the transition of MoF from a centralised control role, to one of monitoring and inspection; and the consolidation of the current legislative framework into one Decree Law with a supporting Ministerial Diploma that will operationalise the policy and reflect the local context.

Initially, the Asset Management Specialist would work closely with an international Asset Management Adviser to develop the new asset management framework. The Asset Management Specialist would then take a lead role in supporting the DNSAM to implement the new framework.

The MoF Strategic Plan and the Key Performance Indicators within the MoF 5 Year Plan guide the reform agenda in the DNSAM and will be the basis for the Asset Management Specialist’s Work Plan.

Scope of Work


1. To support the DNSAM in the review of the supply and asset management
framework,   as    enshrined in  the legislation (Decree Laws No. 8/2003 & No. 32/2011) with the outcome to be:

a.     Provision of technical inputs to legal drafts person to consolidate Asset Management Decree Law* that decentralises responsibilities to line ministries
b.     Ministerial Diploma* that defines the procedures to operationalise the law, (replacing the current Asset Management & Disposal Diploma)


·  Effectiveness of inputs to contribute to the completion of the new assets management
framework   (specific,     accurate,    relevant    to context and timely).
·  Level of engagement with the DNSAM, Asset Management Adviser and other key staff.
·  Approval of the new laws* by the authorising body, the Timor-Leste Council of Ministers.
·  High level of satisfaction with the framework by stakeholders.

*MoF Legal Unit will provide expertise in legal drafting for the Consolidated Decree Law

2. Support      the    DNSAM     consultative process with line ministries and other key stakeholders that will inform the new   policy  and   procedural framework.

·  Level of consultation and engagement with line ministries and stakeholders.
·  Level of line ministry & stakeholder satisfaction with consultation and engagement processes.

3. Support the preparation and take a lead role to implement a plan that will enable the DNSAM to:

a.       socialise the new legislative and policy framework;
b.     rollout modules of training to line  ministries  and  other institutions   that   will    enable
the  implementation   of     the new procedures.

·    Quality of inputs to plan and training modules
(specific,   accurate,  relevant to  context and timely).
·    Socialisation plan implemented according to agreed timeline.
·    Level of line ministry & stakeholder satisfaction with socialisation and training processes.

4. Support the establishment  of  the DNSAM     system of oversight  and inspection  along  with    assisting  to build the staff capacity to monitor and report on compliance with  the decentralised framework and procedures and aligned with relevant laws including Section V Article 44, Decree Law No. 4/2014 Organic Structure  of Pre-concentration Administration.

·    Quality of inputs to monitoring and inspection system (specific accurate, relevant to context and timely)
·    Inputs aligned to relevant deconcentration laws. 
·    Number of capacity building activities supported

5. Support the strengthening of the capacity of the DNSAM staff through a range of activities to ensure the sustainability of the new framework across the sector.

·    DNSAM staff have the knowledge, skills and experience to sustain the implementation of the new policy and procedures.
·    Number of  capacity building  activities undertaken.

6.  Other requirements as directed.
· Level of initiative and responsiveness to requests. 

IV. Key Deliverables

In accordance with the performance indicators listed above and the following:

·         Within four weeks of commencement. develop an Activity Work Plan that is consistent with the relevant activities and performance indicators of the Ministry’s 5 Year Plan and submitted to the National Director of DNSAM,

·         Quarterly Progress Reports to the National Director of DNSAM, against the agreed Work Plan:

·         End of Assignment report to the DNSAM no later than 10 working days prior to the end of contract.

V. Performance Evaluation

The performance of the Specialist will be appraised and evaluated by the DGSF through the DNSAM, using the Performance Appraisal System put in place and monitored by the Directorate-General for Corporate Services, Ministry of Finance. This process will include a probation review within three (3) months of the commencement of the contract, regular reporting, ongoing workplace communications and annual performance appraisal. Performance indicators are in place for all areas within the Ministry. and the incumbent’s work will be contributing to the achievement of the priorities as set out in their TOR and in the Ministry’s Five Year Plan.