Job: Consultant to Support Developing Teaching and Learning Materials for Grade 3 – 6

      Duty Station : Dili, Timor Leste



In 2010 a national conference on Reproductive Health, Family Planning and Sex Education was organized by GMPTL of National Parliament and recognized the high number of teenage pregnancies and the limited nature of sex education for young people. It was affirmed that joint efforts and coordination among relevant actors in the sector were urgently needed in response to these issues. In the recommendations issued from the conference, the Ministry of Education was recommended to design a curriculum for adolescent sexual reproductive health education at schools.

AS a follow up action UNFPA in 2011, began supporting Ministry of Education developing ASRH modules that consist of 6 concepts, 21 topics and 84 activities. In 2012 the modules were piloted in 10 pre and secondary schools in seven districts and have been taught to students as co-curricular activities. The Ministry of Education recognizes the need to include appropriate reproductive health topics into the revised curriculum for the first and second cycles of basic education; therefore UNFPA has been requested to support developing teaching and learning materials for basic education.



The overall purpose of this assignment is to provide technical support to the Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Reform Unit by providing continuing input into the finalization of lesson plans and supporting the development and design of teaching and learning materials related to reproductive health for grade 3-6.



  1.  Task and responsibilities

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Reform Unit, and through consultation with relevant stakeholders in the area of adolescent reproductive health, the consultant will support the development and design of teaching and learning materials on the following topics:

  • Grade 3 ( by September 2015)

1) Poster: The baby’s development in the womb.

2) Poster: How to take care of a pregnant mother.

3) An accompanying story to be part of the Grade 3 reader.

  •        Grade 4 –  (by September 2015)

Flip book highlighting the differences between boys and girls including gender aspects.

  •  Grade 5 –Puberty (3 lessons)  (Draft to be completed by December 2015)

1) Provide inputs into the draft lesson plans on puberty.

2) Flip book highlighting the differences in the development of boy’s and girl’s bodies and mental faculties.

2) Brochure on how to take care of oneself during menstruation, clarifying the myths, e.g. that showering and washing hair will stop menstruation so that girls should not do that when they have their periods.

– Safe and unsafe pregnancy (3 lessons)

1) Provide inputs into the draft lesson plans on safe and unsafe pregnancy

2) A story to be included in the readers both about healthy and unhealthy pregnancies highlighting the impacts of pregnancy in young age to baby and mother physically, socially and mentally.


 Benefits of breastfeeding (3 lessons)

1) Provide inputs into the draft lesson plans on the benefits of breastfeeding

2) Poster: Breastfeeding

3) A story for the Grade 5 reader on the difference between mothers’ and powdered milk.

  •  Grade 6 – HIV/AIDS & STIs  (Draft to be completed by December 2015)

Provide inputs into the draft lesson plans for Grade 6 ensuring that content is age appropriate for students aged 11-12 years old.

Support field-trial and presentations of all grade 3 and 4 materials produced to assess the suitability of materials inter-alia: Teachers and their students drawn from a variety of settings across the country; Representatives of the religious communities of Timor-Leste; Senior level staff of the Ministries of Education, Health and the Secretary of State for the Support and Socio-Economical Promotion of Women. (October/November 2015)

  • Validate and finalize the materials through a presentation to MoE and UNFPA (December 2015).




  1. An advanced degree in Education/Social Science/Public Health/Medical Science
  2.  Technical knowledge on maternal, child, and reproductive health issues
  3. At least 5 years of professional work experience related to curriculum development and/or public health.
  4.      Fluency in written and spoken English; knowledge of Portuguese or Tetum would be an added advantage.


5Work setting

(a)   The consultant will be based at the Ministry of Education’s Curriculum Reform Unit

(b)  Duration: 5 months (expected to Start in July 2015)

(c)   The consultant is expected to report to the national and international coordinator of the Curriculum Reform Unit and provide regular updates to the UNFPA Assistant Representative through monthly progress report.


  1.  Deliverables
  • Culturally appropriate teaching materials for grade 3 and 4 are produced and piloted.
  • Draft materials for grade 5 and 6 are produced.


Interested Candidate are requested to submit a cover letter, recent Curriculum Vitae (CV) and P11 form in a sealed envelope marking “Confidential” with clearly mention the post applied to UNFPA Office at Caicoli Street, Dili, Timor-Leste or through e-mail to and


The deadline for application is Wednesday, 8 July 2015 At 17.00 or 5:00 PM local time. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

This consultancy is open for both national and international candidates.