I.             JOB TITLE:  Economist & Financial PPP Officer

II.          TERMS OF REFERENCE  Attached

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Balbina Soares
Acting Director General for Corporate Services
Ministry of Finance

República Democrática de Timor-Leste
Ministério das Finanças



Position:                   Economist & Financial PPP Officer (National)
Objective:                To assist the External Loan and Public Private Partnership (PPP) Unit in the preparation and monitoring of projects funded under PPP arrangements. The incumbent will assist in the identification of such projects and assist in the formulation of all financing aspects, project related procurement activities, project management and monitoring of their implementation and performance. The Officer will also assist in developing clear procedures for all phases of PPP arrangements to be implemented by the External Loan and PPP Unit in the future.

Reporting to:           Interim Coordinator of External Loan and PPP Unit 

A3 – Specialized and Professional

                 24 months contract, with possibility of extension (based on performance assessment and the need)

Ministry of Finance, Díli – Timor Leste


I. Selection Criteria 

•         First degree or Postgraduate (preferred) in Economics, Accountancy, Business management or in any other relevant discipline, an advanced degree will be an advantage;

•         A minimum of 2 years experience as specialist or professional in the area;

•         Demonstrate knowledge of national and international PPP, Loans or Grants assisted projects and financial management of private business and/or public sector enterprises;

•         Fluent in Tetum with excellent English skills. Knowledge of Portuguese is an advantage;

•         Excellent computer skills;

•         Willingness to work in a multicultural environment and with people with different backgrounds and experience.  



II. BACKGROUND                                        

The Government of Timor-Leste (GoTL) is committed to exploring alternative ways and means to attract the private sector, benefiting from its experience and capacity, and financing through external loans offered by development partners.  

To facilitate these arrangements, the Government of Timor-Leste has established the External Loan and PPP Unit which is responsible for the appraisal and implementation of all phases of a PPP Project Cycle. The unit is now operating under the direct administration of the Ministry of Finance, in conformity with the MoF Organic Law.


III. Scope of Work

Responsibility / Performance Indicator

1.      Assist in cooperation with the External Loan and PPP Unit, to perform all financial management tasks to ensure the smooth preparation and implementation of international PPP financed and managed projects;

·         Implementation of project cycle meets standards for due diligence
·         Variances are identified and brought to attention of responsible officer 

2.      Participate in preliminary project identification and assessment and review of PPP major projects  and collaborate, under the External Loan and PPP Unit, with relevant Line Ministries to develop or review financial studies including preliminary studies, pre-feasibility, feasibility and evaluation, legal and also socio-economic and cultural aspects;

·         Project identification and appraisals are timely and take account of all relevant factors
·         Line ministries are fully conversant with all financial implications of a project
·         Reviews are timely and accurate

3.      Participate in the Preparation & Transactions of Public Private Partnerships and provide technical input and/or support as required, including review of procurement procedures and contract agreements and supporting documentation to be submitted to CAFI or Council of Ministers;

·         Technical input is accurate
·         Reports are presented on time
·         Evaluations take account of all relevant factors
·         ToRs and Bid Specifications conform to RDTL standards and guidelines

4.      Assist the External Loan and PPP Unit review proposals for the structure, financial risk-sharing and management aspects of PPP projects;

·         Number of inputs to reviews
·         Inputs and reviews are timely and accurate, specific and reliable

5.  Assist in developing procedures to monitor the financial and physical progress during implementation of PPP projects;

·         Number of inputs to procedures
·         Effective input to socialisation of procedures with all staff 
·         Staff compliance with procedures

6.      Assist External Loan and PPP Unit in the preparation of monthly and quarterly progress reports, annual reports, project appraisal reports, and other relevant reports to MoF and CAFI;

·         Effective input to Unit reporting
·         Inputs and reports are accurate and presented on time

7.      Build the capacity of staff to undertake cycle of project  activities including:

·         identification of projects
·         preparation and formulation of financing
·         procurement activities
·         management and monitoring of  implementation and performance
·         Number of capacity building activities conducted
·         Strengthening of staff knowledge and skills

8.      Contribute to a collaborative and collegial team approach within the Unit, working effectively with all staff, contractors and advisers.

·         Cooperative working relationships.
·         Outcome for Unit is optimised.

9.      Perform other related duties as required by the Interim Coordinator of External Loan and PPP Unit.

·         Responsiveness to other requests

IV. Key Deliverables

In accordance with the performance indicators listed above and:

·         Within 4 weeks, develop an Assignment Work Plan that is consistent with relevant activities and performance indicators of the Ministry’s five year plan and Unit KPIs

·         Prepare Quarterly progress report against the agreed Work Plan to the  Interim Coordinator of External Loan and PPP Unit

·         Provide and End of Assignment report to the Interim Coordinator of External Loan and PPP Unit no later than 10 working days prior to the end of contract

V. Performance Evaluation

The performance will be assessed by the Interim Coordinator of External Loan and PPP Unit, using the Performance Appraisal System put in place and carried out by the Directorate General for Corporate Services, Ministry of Finance. This process will include a probation review within three (3) months of the commencement of the contract, regular reporting, ongoing workplace communications and annual performance appraisal.  Performance indicators are in place for all areas within the Ministry, and the incumbent’s work will be contributing to the achievement of the priorities as set out in their TOR and in the Ministry’s Five Year Plan