Evaluation Consultancy

 Job: Consultancy for evaluation

Duration: July – September 2015

Location: 2-3 weeks in Timor-Leste. The location for preparatory work and report writing is flexible.

Application deadline: 5pm, June 24th 2015.



International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) is the only Australian development organisation entirely focused on women’s rights and gender equality in Asia and the Pacific. IWDA’s vision is for a just, equitable and sustainable world where the human rights of women are observed, where women and men interact with dignity and respect, and where women have an effective voice in economic, cultural, civil and political structures.


IWDA has been working in partnership with Covalima Community Centre (CCC) and Organisasaun Haburas Moris (OHM) since 2009 and 2011 respectively. IWDA funds the Rural Women’s Development Project (CCC) and Taking Steps Project (OHM) and provides ongoing program management and organisational development support to both organisations.


The Rural Women’s Development Project (RWDP) is implemented by Covalima Community Centre (CCC) in nine communities Covalima district and aims to increase the capacity and opportunity for women to be active in economic life and to participate and become leaders in the community by providing information, training and ongoing support to approximately 90 women involved in nine groups running micro-businesses and savings clubs. The project has been running for three years and builds on a previous project between CCC, Friends of Suai (FoS)/City of Port Phillip (CoPP) and IWDA.


The Taking Steps Project is based in six rural communities in Bobonaro district and aims to empower women living in rural areas to improve their livelihoods by: supporting over 90 women and 20 men to develop and strengthen group micro-businesses and savings clubs; increasing women’s participation and decision-making at the local level; and raising awareness amongst local leaders and district government about women’s issues and needs. This project has similarly been running for three years.

Details of the consultancy:

This consultancy is to undertake an evaluation of both the Rural Women’s Development Project and Taking Steps Project.


Key evaluation questions will be based on the eight key questions identified in the IWDA monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) framework. It is anticipated that they will be the same for both projects. The questions will look at the relevance, impact, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and learning from the projects, and the effectiveness and learning from the partnerships between IWDA, CCC and OHM.


It is expected that a brief outline of the evaluation approach will be included as part of the expression of interest, including a timeline against key evaluation activities/deliverables. A full evaluation methodology will be developed as part of the consultancy.


It is anticipated that the evaluation will include the following methods:

  • A desk-based review of existing documents;
  • Focus group discussions with staff, and women and men involved in the project;
  • In-depth interviews with a sample of women and men involved in the project and;
  • Key informant interviews with relevant stakeholders.


Existing project documents will be shared with the consultant to facilitate completion of the tasks.

Partner staff should be involved throughout the process to ensure that they understand and engage with evaluation findings.


Timing and duration:

The evaluation will be undertaken between July-September 2015, with the final report produced by the end of September. It is expected that the evaluation will include approximately 2-3 weeks in Timor-Leste.


The following deliverables will be required from the consultant(s):

  • Pre-evaluation briefing with IWDA Program Manager, Timor-Leste.
  • Agreed evaluation methodology with evaluation tools that are reviewed by IWDA and the relevant partners.
  • Agreed plan/schedule for project evaluation (to be implemented July-September 2015)
  • First draft of evaluation report (approximately 20 pages, excluding appendices), following the structure below.

o   Executive summary

o   Introduction

o   Methodology

o   Findings

o   Summary and recommendations

o   Appendices (to include evaluation tools and list of participants)

  • Presentation of findings and recommendations to IWDA, CCC & OHM staff.
  • Final evaluation report

Selection Criteria:

The principle consultant should possess the following credentials:

  • A strong understanding of participatory development approaches in the Timor-Leste context.
  • Previous experience evaluating projects in Timor-Leste and/or in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Proven knowledge and experience in women’s economic empowerment programs, including micro-business development and savings and loans approaches.
  • Fluency in English essential; fluency in Tetum regarded highly
  • Excellent research and writing skills as evidence by high quality research and/or evaluation outputs.


IWDA strongly encourages women candidates to apply.


Interested applicant(s) are requested to send an Expression of Interest, including the following:

  • Cover letter
  • Brief outline of the evaluation approach including a timeline of key evaluation activities/deliverables
  • Full CV of consultant(s), which includes full details of relevant experience and references
  • Daily fee rate and daily per-diem rate


Written expressions of interest should be emailed to: Georgia Ride, gride@iwda.org.au, by 5pm, June 24th 2015.

For a copy of the full ToR and for any inquiries, please e-mail Georgia Ride at the same address.