Job Title                   : Communication Officer

Location                   : Dili, Timor Leste


The Timor Leste Reinforce Basic Health Service Project (TL Reinforce) is seeking application for the following vacancy:



  1. Coordinate with key project staff and USAID to define goals, targets and program needs (both internal and external) of the knowledge management strategy
  2. Develop both an internal and an external communications strategy, in collaboration with key project staff (including developing work plan for the design, development and roll out of activities and products, and producing knowledge sharing systems, website and other electronic products, establishment of communities of practice and a limited number of publications)
  3. Develop and implement new initiatives using current publishing and information technologies and establish and maintain communications networks and distribution channels
  4. Monitor and evaluate knowledge sharing activities
  5. Integrate information dissemination, networking and outreach activities into the knowledge sharing effort
  6. Manage the implementation of the strategy from a variety of fields such as web design, data base development, media design, multi-media, technology and publications, collaborating with project staff, consultants and JSI/HO as needed
  7. Advise on social media strategies, especially as they apply to Drupal or other open-source technologies
  8. Organize, produce, package and disseminate information (print, video and electronic), including ensuring compliance with Project’s Branding and Marking Plan
  9. Ensure all project materials are produced in compliance with Branding and Marking Plan
  10. Provide unofficial translation of technical documentation as requested by Chief of Party, including from Tetun, Bahasa and English as needed
  11. Establish and maintain files of all project technical documents and deliverables, and coordinate with HO Program Officer (PO) to ensure technical deliverables are shared to be uploaded to the DEC by the PO as applicable
  12. Coordinate the set-up of various events organized and attended by the project, such as key activities (i.e., launch of project, advocacy events, etc.) or USAID annual expo.
  13. Work closely with project’s officer in charge of advocacy and behavior change communication.



  14. Bachelor’s degree
  15. Minimum 4 years of experience
  16. Preferred experience in health project (district, community, etc.)
  17. Excellent English speaking, comprehension, and writing skills and excellent ability to move freely between Tetun and English
  18. Excellent organizational skills and communication skills. Able to work well in a team.
  19. Knowledge of legal procedures concerning photo release, copyright, etc.
  20. Excellent public relation skills
  21. Very good computer skills, especially applications such as Microsoft Office
  22. Very good skills in computer design and graphics and production of communications materials
  23. Skills in web-based publishing, knowledge networks, and models for sharing information
  24. Proven ability to develop, write and edit technical content for both print publications and the web.



If you would like to apply for above positions please email your cover letter and detailed CV in English to quoting “CO” Communication Officer or deliver it to TL Reinforce c/o Rua 30 de Augusto, Municipio de Dili Timor Leste (Close to CCT Clinic Lecidere)


The closing date for applications is February 20, 2016. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.