About Unofficial East Timor

Jason and Zena Unofficial East Timor

How it all started

Unofficial East Timor began back in 2010. Jason started the blog to help bridge the information gap for people thinking about exploring East Timor by sharing the experiences of people who live and holiday there.

job and volunteer postings, information about Timor-Leste, and even an eBook which has been described as:

This is like the “Missing manual” for East Timor. If you are thinking about living there, are living there or just want a real grass roots insight into the country then this is the book to get… Timor Adventures

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But we can’t do all of this alone, we need you too. What we love about this site is the contributions we receive from people like you. Everyone has their own experiences of East Timor and we’ve been lucky enough to share some of those already with you on our blog. If you’re interested in contributing your East Timor adventure with us, please get in touch.

More about us

Jason and Zena met and fell in love in East Timor (cue cheesy music). They traveled around Timor on the back of a motorbike, slept in mosquito nets on the white sands of Jaco Island and didn’t get any better at partner dancing, despite the classes. We both enjoyed working in East Timor and we’ll always cherish the special connections we formed with some people there. We’ve made some friends for life. East Timor is a wonderful place to live and visit. We guarantee that you will be surprised by the raw beauty of the countryside and the openness of the people. It’s a funny place too, you’re bound to find yourself laughing at yourself or others or some situation you’ve got yourself into. So come on what are you waiting for, get a taste of Timor now…