East Timor as we see it.

This Easter, Don’t Give Chocolate

Easter is a special time in East Timor. Two words to sum it up would be, theatrical and reverent. You can read my experience of a Good Friday church service here. When my Mum came to visit me in Timor, her trip also coincided with Easter, you can read what her... read more

TV Opportunity: Looking for a Home in Timor-Leste?

Have you recently moved to East Timor? Would you describe yourself as outgoing and fun? Are you aged under 45? Do you own or rent property in Timor? Do ya wanna be on TV? If you answered YES to all of the above, House Hunters International WANTS YOU! More about the... read more

2013 a call-out!

Want to be featured on Are you doing something interesting in East Timor? Are you a business owner carving out a trade in Dili? Have you written a book about East Timor? Are you a development worker doing something noteworthy in East Timor? Do... read more

Online Gift Buying Guide to Support Timor

Buy gifts that mean something This holiday season support Timor! It’s not too late to still get last minute presents through the post. Coffee Oxfam, Organic Coffee Friends of Aileu, East Timor Coffee Crafts East Timor Women Australia, various (earrings,... read more

Top Five Tourist Attractions in Dili, East Timor

Cristo Rei By Kok Leng, Maurice Yeo from Singapore, Singapore (Christ Statue, Capa Fatucama, Dili, East Timor) (CC-BY-2.0), via Wikimedia Commons Here are our top five tourist attractions for Dili, the capital of East Timor. 1. Cristo Rei de Dili Located at the... read more

Tais- a Local Handicraft from Timor-Leste

“Can you make that using Tais?” It’s a strange question, but it’s exactly what you’ll be saying when your time in East Timor has come to an end and you’re madly dashing around trying to find the perfect gifts for friends and family... read more

Connecting and Giving Birth in East Timor

Failing to connect with locals overseas When I finished university, I went backpacking around Europe. I hated it mostly because I found it difficult to connect with locals. Sure the Colosseum is breathtaking but sometimes all you really want to do is go to someone’s... read more

One Reason Why You’ll Want to Get a Job in East Timor 

Want to work in East Timor? Are you currently tossing up whether to apply for a job in East Timor? Well, look no further; I’ve got some golden information guaranteed to turn your uncertainty into a one way plane ticket to one of the most beautiful tropical islands on... read more

The Best Restaurant Guide for Dili, East Timor

As promised, here is the third post in our food series for East Timor. We’ve already covered what food the locals like to eat and what supplies you can buy at the supermarkets in Timor. Now it’s time to hit the restaurants and see what’s on offer when eating out.There... read more