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The making of a nativity scene

I’ve always wanted to know more about the handmade nativity displays that are popping up on streets all around Timor-Leste at this time of the year. As luck would have it, this week, we received this fascinating guest post from Marita Jacobsson about a group of... read more

Tais- a Local Handicraft from Timor-Leste

“Can you make that using Tais?” It’s a strange question, but it’s exactly what you’ll be saying when your time in East Timor has come to an end and you’re madly dashing around trying to find the perfect gifts for friends and family... read more

Connecting and Giving Birth in East Timor

Failing to connect with locals overseas When I finished university, I went backpacking around Europe. I hated it mostly because I found it difficult to connect with locals. Sure the Colosseum is breathtaking but sometimes all you really want to do is go to someone’s... read more

East Timor Food

What do the Timorese eat? The cuisine in East Timor consists or rice, vegetables and occasionally meat.Rice, rice, rice- the carb of choice in East Timor Rice East Timorese love their rice. Makes sense, it’s cheap and it’s filling. They eat it for breakfast, lunch and... read more

Five reasons why you should go and visit Arte Moris

A visit to East Timor is not complete without a trip to the famous Arte Moris (Living Art) centre. It houses East Timor’s first non-profit Art school and you can see the permanent collection of their student’s work there. Photo of the Arte Moris School 1. Buy... read more

Good Friday- celebrating Easter in East Timor

With Catholicism the religion of choice in East Timor, you can expect a bit of a show over the Easter period. From streets lined with people watching the Palm Sunday processions to people missing work to receive the ash cross on their foreheads for Ash Wednesday- yep,... read more

Valentine’s Day- Love in Timor Leste

My Valentine’s gift! __On Valentine’s Day, it seems only fitting that this post is about love in Timor-Leste. It’s an adaptation of a diary entry I wrote a year ago on the topic. Timorese are obsessed with love and romance! As I’m writing this, I’m also... read more