Helpful advice for people who are moving to East Timor.

Dear Taxi Drivers in Dili

Right, listen up. I think it’s about time you got your act together. Firstly, please don’t smoke in your cab. Because you’re a man and I’m a woman and you’re the one with the power because your hands are behind the wheel and not mine, I don’t feel comfortable saying... read more

Developing toilets

Zena and I lived together for the first time in Dili. One of my earliest memories of domestic bliss was coming home from work to find Zena with her arm (all the way to the shoulder) in the toilet bowl trying to clear a blockage*. Now this post may not be for everyone,... read more

Survivor Timor Leste: Work Visa; The Immunity Challenge

It is an ordeal- to say the least- to get a work visa in Timor-Leste. For Jason, it took him over three months and a promise to teach someone English before his work visa was approved. We were delighted to receive this blog post about the hurdles of trying to get a... read more

Sleeping at Darwin airport before your flight to Dili

The last time I slept the night at Darwin airport, I promised myself I’d NEVER do it again.But, here we are again! So why are we lying on the bright blue lily pad carpet trying to get a few hours of sleep before our flight to Dili? The same reasons I’ve slept at... read more

What do you want to know about Timor-Leste?

This is where we’re writing this post from.Jason and I have arrived in Dili! We’re here to get the latest information for people who want to move or travel to Timor-Leste…. And we’re also having a holiday. Plus I’m also working on a new exciting... read more

Toiletries to pack for Timor-Leste

If you follow us on Facebook, you’d already know that Jason and I are going to Timor-Leste in September. Yesterday I went to Chemist Warehouse and filled a whole basket with toiletries to take with us. We’re only going for a holiday- two weeks- so we... read more

One Reason Why You’ll Want to Get a Job in East Timor 

Want to work in East Timor? Are you currently tossing up whether to apply for a job in East Timor? Well, look no further; I’ve got some golden information guaranteed to turn your uncertainty into a one way plane ticket to one of the most beautiful tropical islands on... read more

East Timor Food For You

So a while back, we did a post on Food in East Timor and we focused on what the East Timorese like to eat. We promised to do a follow up post to answer all your food questions and here it is: Kmanek Supermarket in Dili, East Timor How many supermarkets are there in... read more

The Ultimate Shoe List for East Timor

If you are moving to East Timor, I’m sure the most important question you’ve got is: What shoes should you take?That was a joke :)…..I’m not even a shoe person, but, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the perfect shoe list for East Timor. Why? Because... read more

Working with and without the internet in East Timor

Working without the internet in Timor For the first twelve months of working with a local organisation in East Timor, I didn’t have access to the internet at work. No email. No quick google searches to solve a problem. No youtube. No facebook. No hours lost through... read more

Receiving and Sending Mail in East Timor

Beautiful postcard by an artist from Arte Moris A question from one of our readers:QUESTION: Hello Unofficial East Timor- How do I receive old-fashioned mail (are there PO Boxes or poste restante?) ANSWER: With no street numbers and hardly any visible street names,... read more

Newspapers in East Timor

_One thing you will sorely miss when you are living in East Timor is the ritual of reading a newspaper. Why? Because, believe it or not, newspapers from home are hard to come by. Not sure why really, perhaps people are just too busy focusing on improving sanitation... read more

Don’t Forget Your …….. When Packing for Timor-Leste

Hide and seek- stationary in East Timor Locked away in glass cabinets or opened only by the owners of the various supermarkets in Dili, is obviously one of the most valuable items in East Timor, the elusive pen. Pens It will cost you fifty cents to buy a pen, which... read more

Brush up on your Tetun, the local language in East Timor

By Shabnam HIf you would like to brush up on your Tetun have a look at the following YouTubes which accompany Tetun Language Course by Catharina Williams-van Klinken. You can download the book for free from http://www.tetundit.tl/ Below video’s by Shabnam: Links... read more